Chinese Studies

In view of the current expansion of China as an economic, cultural, and military power, sinologists are concerned, among other things, with developing and imparting skills in dealing with China’s global significance in the past and present. As your education progresses, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out and communicate China-related research.

enlarge the image: Gebäude zu Ehren des Kaisers Yongle, Foto: Merle Schatz
Ming emperor Yongle's memorial hall. Photo: Merle Schatz

Chinese Studies in Leipzig

Chinese Studies has a tradition in Leipzig dating back to the 19th century. You can find out more about this on our page History of the Institute.

Today our institute covers a wide range of research in modern and premodern China. Special emphasis is placed on the research fields defined by the academic interests of the institute members and guest scholars as well as by cooperations with other academic institutions in the fields of history, philosophy, economics, religion, ethnology, linguistics, sociology and literature. Chinese Studies degree programmes also include a well-founded Chinese language education and study visits to the Chinese-speaking world.

What do I do with a degree in Chinese Studies?

In our degree programmes, we focus on the the development of critical thinking and scholarly methodology. Already in the Bachelor’s degree programme, you will acquire important “hard skills” in the form of Chinese cultural and language competence, which are becoming increasingly important in the labour market. A Master's degree paves the way for a doctorate, which can open up the possibility of a further academic career. Professional opportunities also arise in the fields of translation and interpreting, the diplomatic service, as well as in the cultural and media industries. Career entry is facilitated by targeted decisions about elective courses, internships during your studies, and subsequent trainee programmes.

Degree Programmes

Prüfling in der Imperialen Akademie, Foto: Merle Schatz
männlicher Steinlöwe mit Ball, der die Kraft des Reiches symbolisiert, Foto: Merle Schatz
Weiter Blick über die Hügel mit der Großen Mauer, Foto: Merle Schatz

Student Service Center

Teegeschirr, Foto: Merle Schatz

Student Service Center

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