You will have very different organizational questions before and during your studies. Some questions arise again and again. We have bundled them here, and you can also delve deeper into “the study China” via the useful links in our sinological link collection. If you have any questions, please contact the Central Student Advisory Office or our student advisor. We are happy to help!

enlarge the image: Teegeschirr, Foto: Merle Schatz
China ist auch bekannt für eine lange Geschichte der Teetradition, die bis heute lebendig gehalten wird. Foto: Merle Schatz

A prerequisite for successful studies is good organization. The Central Student Advisory Service will inform you about the structure and course of studies in general. The matriculation regulations and the study and examination regulations regulate basic matters of your degree programme. 

The Chinese Studies student advisor of can help you with questions concerning, for example, problems with course attendance, questions concerning study abroad, internships, or the credit point transfers. You can use the following contact options:

Declaration of authorship for theses
On the last page of your Bachelor's or Master's thesis, you must attach a declaration in which you confirm that you have completed the work independently. If you do not attach the declaration, the thesis is considered not submitted.

Declaration on the storage of archival copies
If possible, we would like to keep a copy of each thesis. If you agree to this, please complete the declaration on the storage of archival copies.

The assessment of your Chinese level is done through a “Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi” (HSK) test. This central, standardized test of Chinese as a foreign language determines your language proficiency level. To have the result recognized for the module “Language Study Abroad” (03-SIN-0305), please hand in a copy of your HSK certificate with your matriculation number to our secretary's office.
Dates of and Information on the HSK test

For the crediting of other classes completed abroad you need the proof of enrolment and the grade earned, which you should also hand in at the secretary's office. 

Language study abroad can be replaced by an internship. Internships must be organized independently and must take place during the semester break. Sometimes it is difficult to find ideas for a suitable internship. Our student advisor provides you with announcements of current internship opportunities on our information board in the institute. Also check the following sites:

The Examination Office will assist you with questions about:

  • examination registrations
  • examination dates/notification deadlines
  • recognition of preliminary examination papers or examination papers that have been taken at other universities
  • registration for Bachelor or Master theses
  • admission to the exam
  • withdrawal from the examination
  • questioning grades conferred
  • publication of examination results
  • issuing of certificates

During your studies, you will want to access dictionaries, library catalogues, news sites from the Chinese-speaking world, or other helpful tools. The following links will support you in your studies:

Chinese News

Libraries/ catalogues


Online dictionaries

Stroke order of Chinese characters

Stay informed

We use our e-mail distribution list to send out information on scholarly events, calls for papers, scholarship announcements, job offers, etc., at regular intervals. If you would like to be receive such mails, please contact us by e-mail. Please state your full name and the type of your association with the institute (student + semester; doctoral student; alumna, alumnus ...). With your registration you agree that we may store the given data for the given purpose only.

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