If you are considering a doctorate in Chinese Studies or wish to gain further academic qualifications after your doctorate (for example with the aim of obtaining a habilitation), Chinese Studies Leipzig offers comprehensive support. Current research projects are discussed in regular doctoral and postdoctoral colloquia, and ideas and advice are exchanged in ongoing collegial conversation.

enlarge the image: Weiter Blick über die Hügel mit der Großen Mauer, Foto: Merle Schatz
Die Große Mauer nördlich von Peking. Foto: Merle Schatz

It is possible to pursue a doctoral degree at our Institute. For further information, please contact one of our doctoral advisers, Professor Elisabeth Kaske or Professor Philip Clart, Ph.D.

Doctoral studies for applicants with German degrees

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Doctoral studies for applicants with foreign degrees

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The doctoral regulations of the Faculty of History, Art and Oriental Studies at Leipzig University apply to the Chinese Studies programme.

Doctoral degree procedure

The doctoral degree procedure is carried out by our faculty in accordance with its doctoral regulations, for which various documents must be submitted.
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Completed Dissertations and Theses

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