Degree Programmes

A thatch-roofed round hut directly in front of the Chinese-built glass block that is the Faculty of Business at the University of Botswana in Gaborone.

African Studies(?)

At the Institute of African Studies we approach ‘Africa’ from various perspectives. Our broad curriculum offers a unique combination of language, society, politics and history.

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Photo of the reading room of the Library of Oriental Studies in Schillerstrasse.
A big satellite dish in Accra, Ghana that was converted into an AVN telescope and belongs to the Square Kilometer Array project.
A selfie with four PhD students and their supervisor in their midst.
Warum Afrikastudien an der Universität Leipzig studieren?

Why study African Studies?

Current students

You are already studying at our institute? Find here all important documents for your ongoing studies.

African Studies - NEWSLETTER

The Institute of African Studies at Leipzig University has a weekly newsletter that announces new events, publications and projects.

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Afrikastudien in Leipzig - Eine Einstiegshilfe für Erstis und solche, die es werden wollen

A starting aid for first-time users and those who want to become one


A picture of washing machine spare parts upcycled into sugarcane juice makers in Zanzibar Town.


An internship provides initial orientation regarding future career opportunities and offers some initial professional experience. Sometimes internships can also be the beginning of a particular career.

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studies abroad

Looking out from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore onto one of the buildings belonging to our partner university L’Orientale in Naples.

studies abroad

The Bachelor African Studies includes an optional semester of studying abroad.

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