At the Institute of African Studies we offer supervision for doctoral students as well as academic mentorships for postdocs. Supervision and mentorships take place on an individual basis and within a structured programme at the Graduate School Global and Area Studies, part of the Research Academy Leipzig. Projects for academic qualifications are embedded in existing research projects or oriented towards our research foci. We discuss research projects in regular colloquia and among colleagues.

enlarge the image: A homestead in rural South Africa with three components, a round hut and two rectangular buildings, all connected via electricity cables.
Connectivity in rural South Africa, Foto: Lara Krause

Our PhDs and their research projects

  • Emmanuel Agyemang (Leipzig)
    Getting a job in Ghana: Impacts of Social Networks on Labour Markets and Effects on Graduates Job Attainment in Urban settings of Ghana.
    Betreuer: Dmitri van den Bersselaar mit George M. Bob-Milliar, KNUST, Ghana
  • Enrico Behne (Leipzig)
    Organizational learning at the African Union
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel
  • Wyatt Constantine (Leipzig)
    Political economy of labor in the Horn of Africa; Hargeisa as a critical transregional juncture
    Betreuer: Dmitri van den Bersselaar
  • Temitope Faloye (Leipzig)
    Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Soft Skills Exhibition as Predictors of Female University Graduate Employability in South-West, Nigeria
    Betreuer: Dmitri van den Bersselaar mit Adebola Ekanola, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

  • Reinet Loubser (Stellenbosch, cotutelle de thèse)
    Identity Politics in South Africa: Predicators and Outcomes
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel

  • Ulrike Luttenberger (Leipzig)
    Bureaucratic practices in Senegalese popular music
    Betreuer: Adam Jones
  • Michelle Ndiaye Ntab (IPSS, Addis Ababa) 
    The African Union at 50: Beyond the purpose of unity; the minimalist and maximalist visions of Africa's integration agenda
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel
  • Frank D. Owusu (Addis Ababa, IPSS)
    The democratic revolution in Tunisia
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel
  • Matthias Schmidtmeier (München) 
    Deutschland und Äthiopien: Eine Verflechtungsgeschichte
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel
  • Vincent Schober (Leipzig)
    Geographies of conflict
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel
  • Theophile Shyiramunda (Leipzig)
    Communities’ Expectations from Higher Education Institutions in their Regions. A Case of two Higher Education Institutions in Northern Province of Rwanda
    Betreuer: Dmitri van den Bersselaar mit Fabien Hagenimana, INES Ruhengeri, Rwanda

  • Janneke Tiegna (Leipzig)
    Bürgerwehren in Burkina Faso: Jäger und Selbstverteidigungsgruppen in den westlichen Landesteilen
    Betreuer: Katja Werthmann
  • Hatice Ugur (Leipzig)
    The social and intellectual networks of the Ottoman and East African worlds with special reference to Zanzibar in the late 19th century
    Betreuer: Adam Jones
  • Michaela Unterholzner (Leipzig)
    Transkulturelle Begegnungen in Fotografien der Herrnhuter and Leipziger Mission aus Ostafrika, 1891 – 1940
    Betreuer: Adam Jones
  • Camilla Vern (Leipzig)
    African Union non-military conflict intervention practices
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel
  • Annika Vosseler (Leipzig)
    The visual representation of Africa in European missionary drawings in the 19th and early 20th centuries
    Betreuer: Adam Jones
  • Skollan Elisabeth Warnck (Leipzig)
    Intervention Data: ‘Mapping’ Conflict Intervention Practices of the African Union and ECOWAS
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel

  • Nora Witt (Berlin)
    Sociology of Zimbabwean non–GPA opposition
    Betreuer: Ulf Engel
  • Nestor Zanté (Leipzig)
    Bürgerwehren in Burkina Faso: Selbstverteidigungsgruppen in den zentralen Landesteilen
    Betreuer: Katja Werthmann

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