The Afrikanist:innentag 2023 in Leipzig combines both canonical Africanist language research and the unique interdisciplinary approach of the Institute of African Studies within its context of nearby smaller sized disciplines (“Kleine Fächer”) of the Faculty of History, Arts and Regional Studies at Leipzig University.

As the title and outline indicate, our conference is inspired by the African Studies project Recali-brating Afrikanistik. This project intends to entrench ‘Afrikanistik’ as an integral part of African Studies within the humanities and social science’s framework. In this sense, interdisciplinary recalibration en-courages and facilitates academic exchange between the contested colonial heritage of African linguis-tics, on the one hand, and its resources on the other. For this Afrikanist:innentag we mobilise im/material heritage – here, languages, literatures, and law - as a knowledge resource to better understand the world from Africa. In doing so, literatures and law constitute a valuable knowledge resource for which we emphasize its dependency on local linguistic expression.

  • Keynote speaker: Prof. Sinfree Makoni, Pennstate University: "Framing African Language Research through a Decolonial and Southern Epistemological Lens"
  • Organising Committee: Ari Awagana, Rose Marie Beck, Hatem Elliesie, Lara Krause–Alzaidi


Venue Registration, Reception and Key-note: May, 4 - Schillerstraße 6, 01409 Leipzig (202, reception next to Oval Office). Conference: May, 5-6 - Beethovenstraße 15, 04107 Leipzig (2nd floor).