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by Katja Werthmann

This book introduces readers to the anthropology of urban life in Africa, showing what ethnography can teach us about African city dwellers’ own notions, practices, and reflections. It asks what anthropologists have come to learn about Africans’ views on city life. It provides a critical acclaim of ethnographies in English, French, and German and elucidates anthropology’s contribution to understanding city life in Africa. It highlights the significance of female, African and Diaspora scholars for an emerging urban anthropology of Africa. The book will be an essential read for students and researchers of social anthropology, African and urban studies, but also for professionals in research and development organizations, thinktanks, and other institutions concerned with urban Africa.

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by Lara-Stephanie Krause

Multilingual Matters has just published a book of a member of our institute: With Relanguaging Language, Lara-Stephanie Krause writes a detailed, conceptually innovative linguistic ethnography of South African English classrooms.

  • Here is a link to a short blog post in which the author explains the concept of relanguaging
  • With the code at the bottom of the poster you can order the book for 50% less until the 31st of December

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Winter Semester 2022/23 — Opening week

Dear BA and MA students,
we are glad to welcome our new students at the Institute of African Studies!

We arranged some events next week as part of the university's orientation week to give you some pointers at the beginning of your studies. We attached our programme, more events and services at the university can be found here [in German].

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Enrico Ille (study adviser BA) and Mariusz Lukasiewicz (study adviser MA).

See you next week then and, again, welcome!

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