Service Learning or Learning through Engagement (LdE) is a method used by the teaching staff at our university to combine the social commitment of students with their professional training. In this context, students get involved outside the university context. This can be in schools, associations or companies, for example. There they apply their academic knowledge and at the same time expand it in a practical way.

enlarge the image: Menschen mit sehbehinderung erkunden die Ausstellung beim Projekt Museum für Alle
Menschen mit Sehbehinderung erkundigen die Ausstellung im Zuge des LaborUni Projektes "Museum für Alle", Foto: Mandy Putz


The Faculty of History, Arts and Regional Sciences (GKR) plays a pioneering role in the field of service learning at the University of Leipzig. The projects that have emerged from various social needs to date have grown in their variety from the individual commitment of individual teachers. They are linked to personal research interests and the activation of personal contacts in civil society.

The aim of courses in the field of Service Learning is to work together with students to have an impact on society and to support actors in their work with scientific expertise. For the students, this means practice-oriented and applied learning: they support concrete projects in practice with their specialist knowledge and allow the experience gained there to flow back into their everyday university life.

Service Learning reacts with high flexibility to current socio-political developments. In this way, the GKR supports existing activities, makes them more permanent where necessary and develops new formats according to social demand.



The bachelor art education out of school has six elective modules in the focal point for professional orientation, which introduce students to working with health or socially disadvantaged people. There is close cooperation with the Regis-Breitingen juvenile detention center, the workshop for disabled people and the child and youth psychiatry department.

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In the transdisciplinary Bachelor of Theater Studies and the transcultural Master of Theater Studies, the firmly established modules (theory-practice and art-science transfer) are a compulsory part of the curriculum. The CCT (Centre of Competence for Theatre) coordinates the changing offers of cooperation partners from the theater practice.

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With the participation and contributions of students of Arabic Studies, Ethnology and Religious Studies, the publication Muslime in Sachsen has been published.

Background: Book project of the Sächsischen Landeszentrale für politische Bildung 

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Joint development and provision of free teaching and learning materials by students and staff of history didactics as Open Educational Resources (OER) for the Department of History

(Supported by LaborUni, 4th project cohort 2014/15)

Background: Opening and exchange between university teacher training, school practice as well as local, regional and global culture of remembrance

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Museum for All (LaborUni project, 8th project cohort 18/19) (Classical Archaeology and Art Education)

Background: Creation of museum offers for blind and visually impaired people

Cooperations: Vladimir Filatov School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, German Central Library for the Blind Leipzig

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Background: Scientific preparation and monitoring of the international senior theatre festival "stAGE!

cooperations: CCT, Federation of German Amateur Theatres, Federal Working Group for Senior Theatre

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Event organization and realization in the Moritzbastei Leipzig

Background: International Kulturbörse Freiburg, trade fair for stage production, music and street theater

Cooperation: Moritzbastei Leipzig, International Cultural Exchange Freiburg

contact: Kathrin Müller-Beck

Background: Results of an interdisciplinary teaching project started in the summer semester 2013 between the University of Leipzig and the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB). It was initiated by the StiL subproject Leipziger Sammlungsinitiative.

Cooperation: between the HGB, the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Antiquities and the Collection of Pre- and Early History with exhibitions in 2014 at the HGB, the Egyptian Museum and the Museum of Antiquities.

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