The Faculty Council is the elected body in the faculty and is made up of all status groups (university lecturers, academic staff, other employees, students) as well as the Equal Opportunities Officer.


The Faculty Council is responsible for all faculty matters of fundamental importance, in particular

  • the adoption of the study and examination regulations,
  • the enactment of the doctoral and habilitation regulations,
  • proposals for the establishment, abolition and modification of study programmes,
  • the coordination of research projects,
  • Proposals for the faculties' target agreements with the Rectorate,
  • Statement of the Faculty on the University's target agreements with the State Ministry of Science and Art,
  • to secure their course offerings and to plan their study programmes according to the faculty's development plan,
  • Evaluation procedure according to §9,
  • Proposals for the preparation of structural and development plans for the faculty,
  • participation in the drafting of the university's business plan,
  • the opinion on the use of the posts and funds allocated to the faculty,
  • the implementation of the course guidance,
  • the appointment of appointment committees and proposals for the job description of university teaching positions.

The basis is the Saxon Freedom of Institutions of Higher Education Act (2012), section 88

Next meetings of the Faculty Council:

Each at 02:00 pm

  • 26. Januar 2021
  • 27. April 2021
  • 25. Mai 2021
  • 22. Juni 2021
  • 20. Juli 2021
  • 19. Oktober 2021
  • 16. November 2021
  • 14. Dezember 2021

The Dean's Office invites all members and students of the faculty to an open exchange of views. The faculty talks are intended to capture the mood of the faculty members and serve as preparation for strategies and concepts.

Each 02:00 pm

  • 5 January 2021: double degree
  • 12. January 2021: AG Lehre

The elected faculty council includes representatives of all member groups and the equal opportunities representative. At our faculty, we attach great importance to ensuring that as many pillars as possible are represented in all member groups. As a rule, the Faculty Council is elected every three years.

In addition to the elected members, the extended Faculty Council includes all the faculty's university teachers. Matters on which the extended Faculty Council decides are regulated in § 88, paragraph 2 SächsHSFG.

University professors

Prof. Dr. Rose Marie Beck (E-Mail)

Prof. Philip Clart Ph.D. (E-Mail)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fuhrmann (E-Mail)

Prof. Dr. Nadja Horsch (E-Mail)

Prof. Dr. Ursula Rao (E-Mail)

Prof. Dr. Patrick Primavesi (E-Mail)

Prof. Dr. Michael Streck (E-Mail)

Prof. Dr. Frank Zöllner (E-Mail)

Scientific staff
Dr. Katharina Neef (E-Mail)
Dr. Michaela Rücker (E-Mail)
Dr. Sven Jaros (E-Mail)
Other employees
nicht vertreten
Anna-Katharina Zubaty (E-Mail)
Friederike Armonies (E-Mail)
Hanna Vetterlein (E-Mail)
equal opportunities representative
Prof. Dr. Ines Seumel (E-Mail)




Members are all university teachers and habilitated members of the faculty.


Historic Studies
Professor Dr. Enno Bünz

Area Studies
Professor Dr. Michael Streck

Art Studies
Professor Dr. Martin Schieder


Members are appointed by the extended Faculty Council.


  • Geschichte (einschließlich Lehramt Geschichte)
  • Klassische Antike (fakultätsübergreifende Kommission)
  • Afrikastudien
  • Indologie und Zentralasienwissenschaften
  • Ostasienwissenschaften
  • Arabistik
  • Altertumswissenschaften (Altorientalistik/Hebraistik, Ägyptologie)
  • Ethnologie
  • Religionswissenschaft
  • Kunstgeschichte
  • Archäologie der Alten Welt
  • Kunstpädagogik (einschl. Lehramt Kunst)
  • Musikwissenschaft - Vorsitzende: Frau Prof. Rose Marie Beck
  • Theaterwissenschaft
  • Kunstpädagogik und Kunst
  • Archäologie und Geschichte des Alten Europa
  • SEPT

Geschäftsordnung Studienkommissionen

Chairperson of Examination boards

Historisches Seminar
Vorsitzender: Professor Dr. Enno Bünz

Regionalwissenschaften (einschl. Ethnologie und Religionswissenschaft)
Vorsitzender: Professor Dr. Katja Werthmann

Kunstwissenschaften (einschl. Archäologie)
Vorsitzender: Professor Dr. Nadja Horsch

Klassische Antike. Geschichte und Literatur
Vorsitzende: Professor Dr. Charlotte Schubert


Prof. Dr. Ines Seumel

Kunstpädagogik und Didaktik
Ritterstraße 8-10, Room 212
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 37253
Fax: +49 341 97 - 37259

Stellvertretende Gleichstellungsbeauftragte

Dr. Katharina Stegbauer

Goethestraße 2, Room 403
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 37818
Fax: +49 341 97 - 37029


The students of our faculty are organised in several student councils, which represent subject groups or individual subjects. Student councils are the elected representatives of the student body.