Funded under

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)


Start date

1 October 2022

End date

30 September 2024


Epithets express gods' powers. Focussing on qualities needed for a particular ritual,

they create a more effective interaction with the gods. This project will provide a

catalogue of Sumerian divine epithets from a corpus of ca. 650 previously translated

literary texts and royal inscriptions (ca. 2500-1600 BC). The objectives of the project

are: 1) to create an online database of divine epithets found in Sumerian literary texts

and royal inscriptions from the Old Sumerian to the Old Babylonian period (circa

2500–1600 BCE) which will be made available via the Leipzig University website; 2)

to investigate their structure; 3) to analyse the relationship between epithets and the

intentions of the texts, considering their function in narrative passages, human-divine

communications and intertextuality.


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