Welcome as a new student at our institute! We would like to support new students with getting oriented to university life. This includes information about course structures, everyday study life and module management as well as information about whom you can contact if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Learning Academic Techniques: The Academic Lab

Notizzettel hängen mit Büroklammern befestigt an einer Leine
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Be Connected:
Student Representatives

Ein Netz geknüpft aus dicken, bunten Fäden
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Ensure Finances: Information about Scholarships

Aus einem braunen Portemonnaie kullern Münzen und Scheine.
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News And Social Media

  • Mail distributor for anthropology
    Our Posteo-distributor is currently networking over 500 students, faculty, and alumni from the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig. All members can share events, job or internship postings, as well as call-for-papers regarding anthropological or discipline-related symposiums and conferences. For registration please reach out to Ethnologie_leipzig(at)lists.posteo.de
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    We share useful information, news, current events of the institute and selected events of other organizations which pertain to those studying or interested in anthropology.

Organize your studies - Organize your modules

The German version of this page provides answers to relevant questions related to your modules and exams, offering recommendations of how to successfully organize your studies. In the download section you can find the official exam regulations (Prüfungsordnung) and study regulations (Studienordnung), as well as information about student support offices responsible for exam regulations.

Ein Fisch aus einem Drahtgestell ist mit leeren Plastikflaschen gefüllt
Tänzerinnen in gold-blauen Kleidern und Hüten auf einem Straßenumzug grüßen das Publikum
Räucherwerk brennt auf einem Stein, im Hintergrund stehen Menschen darum
dünne Holzsstäbe sind zu einem Gerüst aufgebaut und werfen feine Schattenmuster

Starter kit for academic working techniques

The earliest term papers take place at the end of the first semester. What are the formal requirements for term papers? How do I pick a good topic? How do I construct my argument? The following provides you with links to institutions and documents that support you in improving your writing skills.

  • The Academic Lab offers extracurricular workshops that help students learn to write academic papers more effectively. It also provides workshops focused on academic (poster) presentations, reading and studying strategies as well as special language courses for both German and international students who use German or English as academic languages. In addition, the Academic Lab offers research and writing consultations that are open to all Leipzig University students. Special counseling programs for international students are also included in the program.
  • Guide for term papers: Do's and Dont's for your academic work (in German)
  • Training for your academic skills: Online-tool on moodle (in German)

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