Research project based at the Chair and funded by the European Research Council (ERC):

ERC Advanced Grant „Transopera – Opera and the Politics of Empire in Habsburg Europe, 1815-1914“

(2021 – 2026)

Research fellows involved:

  • Professor Axel Körner (Project Manager)
  • Dr Barbara Babić (Post-Doc)
  • Dr Dietmar Friesenegger (Post-Doc)
  • Monika Jägerová (PhD)
  • Riccardo Mandelli (PhD)


Current dissertations at the chair:

Thomas Nichol

  • "Constitutions and Historical Time: Alexis de Tocqueville, Lorenz von Stein, and Philosophy of History"

Quirin Lübke

  • "Help form behind the Wall – East Germany support and its impact on the anti-apartheid movement during the Cold War”

Johann Gerlieb

  • "Gesandter Föderalismus. Deutsche Diplomaten und die transnationale Ideengeschichte des deutschen Föderalismus"


Other dissertation projects (supervisor: Axel Körner)

Andrea Dimitri

  • "Radical Individualities. Max Stirner and French individualism" (History department, University College London)

Ilyas Azouzi

  • "E42: The Fascist claim for universal authority" (History department, University College London)

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