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Gern weisen wir auf eine Veranstaltung hin, die vom Institut für Südasien-Studien der Adam Mickiewicz-Universität Poznan, Republik Polen, angeboten wird:

Modern Hindi Workshop: September 3 to 11, 2022

Adam Mickiewicz University Palace in Gułtowy

At Modern Hindi Workshop 2022 in Gułtowy we will have a pleasure and honour of participating in reading sessions with Anamika ji.

We are planning about three reading sessions in a day, one led by Anamika ji and others by Hindi translators and scholars from India and Europe: Piotr Borek, Alessandra Consolaro, Shashi Mudiraj, Mária Négyesi, Maria Puri, Niccola Pozza and Danuta Stasik.

The Modern Hindi Workshop 2022 will take place in Gułtowy, a village located c. 30 kilometres from Poznan, in a lovely palace surrounded by an old park that at present is a property of Adam Mickiewicz University and is used as a conference center and a retreat.
You can reach Gułtowy by train from Poznan Main Station. The workshop venue is about 2-kilometer walk from Gułtowy train station.
For those interested we can facilitate a booking of private transport either from the airport in Poznan or from Poznan Main Station.

Adam Mickiewicz University Palace in Gułtowy offers different types of accommodation. You can stay either in a single room, a double room, a double room with single occupancy, a suite (sitting room and bedroom).
Reading sessions will take place in a spacious conference room, there will be also some common working space available.
We shall provide participants with three meals a day and a coffee break.
Single room – c. 610 euro
Double room – c. 520 euro
Double room with 1 person occupancy – c. 630 euro
Suite (bedroom and sitting room) – c. 810 euro

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