Dr. Stefanie Mauksch

Dr. Stefanie Mauksch

Research Fellow

Schillerstraße 6, Room 421
04109 Leipzig

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Stefanie Mauksch is lecturer and post-doc researcher at the Department of Anthropology. She teaches courses on various themes in Anthropology, such as Anthropological Theory, Anthropological Methods, Anthropology of the Body, Anthropology of Neoliberalism, or Gender and Feminism. Her research focuses on how entrepreneurship - as a global paradigm advocating emancipation through micro-economic innovations and self-improvement - shapes local action in the Global South (in particular Nepal and Sudan). She publishes her work in both disciplines of Anthropology and Organization Studies and acts as a reviewer for journals like Organization and The Anthropology of Work Review.

The majority of Stefanie Mauksch's articles and chapters can be viewed and downloaded from her researchgate profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Stefanie_Mauksch

Professional career

  • 07/2009 - 10/2011
    PhD in Management Studies, EBS University, Wiesbaden (Deutschland)
  • since 11/2011
    (Senior) Lecturer and Postdoc Researcher, Institute of Anthropology, Leipzig University


  • 09/2001 - 08/2008
    Magister Degree Anthropology and Media Studies, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany)

Stefanie Mauksch's research focuses on new development activities under the umbrella of social entrepreneurship. While her doctoral thesis engaged with the ways in which promoters develop, advertise and embellish the concept in Euro-America, her current project examines how the concept is realized, made manifest and contested in the Global South. What happens when the heroic vision of social entrepreneurship meets the everyday struggles of very poor people? How do activists "teach" business skills and motivate clients to alter their economic behavior? What do participants learn and to what extent do their learnings meet previously held expectations or shape future action? Stefanie Mauksch explores these questions through an investigation of social enterprise projects in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Khartoum (Sudan).

  • Mauksch, S.
    (It) is exactly what is was in me’ - The Performativity of Social Entrepreneurship
    In: Dey, P.; Steyart, C. (Eds.)
    Social Entrepreneurship - An Affirmative Critique. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. 2018. pp. 137-158
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  • Mauksch, S.
    Managing the dance of enchantment: An ethnography of social entrepreneurship events
    Organization. 2017. 24 (2). pp. 133-153
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  • Mauksch, S.; Rowe, M.; Teasdale, S. (Eds.)
    Social Enterprise as Lived and Practised: The Methodological Potential of Ethnography
    Social Enterprise Journal. 2017. 13 (2)
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  • Mauksch, S.
    Five Ways of Seeing Events (in Anthropology and Organization Studies)
    In: Mir, R.; Fayard, A.-L. (Eds.)
    New York: Routledge. 2020. p. 357-377
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  • Mauksch, S.
    Being blind, being exceptional: Work integration, social entrepreneurship and the reimagination of blind potential in Nepal
    Disability & Society. 2021.
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more publications

  • Publikationspreis: Best Paper in the Critical Perspectives Stream
    Mauksch, Stefanie (Ethnologie)
    awarded in 2012 by International Social Innovation Research Conference.
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  • Publikationspreis: Best Developmental Paper Award, Entrepreneurship Stream
    Mauksch, Stefanie (Ethnologie)
    awarded in 2012 by British Academy of Management.
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  • Andere Stipendien/Forschungspreise: Pre-Doc Award 2020
    Mauksch, Stefanie (Ethnologie)
    awarded in 2020 by Leipzig University.
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more awards

Theory and Methods in Anthropology; Anthropology of the Body; Anthropology and Gender; Anthropology of Neoliberalism