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Location: Villa Tillmanns, Wächterstraße 30, 04107 Leipzig

The Leipzig Lab "Global Health," the Institute of Anthropology, and the Leipzig Research Centre Global Dynamics convene a workshop on the future of digital health on November 18 and 19, 2021.

Over the last decade, discussions around (global) digital health have seen a massive upsurge in scientific, corporate and media attention. Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, digital healthcare solutions such as telemedicine, virtual care, artificial intelligence, smart wearables, platforms, or digital contact tracking are hailed by many to transform global health. These new technologies not only aspirationally expand access to care, diagnosis and medicine; they also widen and expand the clinical gaze through datafication and new spatial connectivities and provide new forms of surveillance and tracking.

In this workshop, we seek to go beyond polarizing debates around digital technologies in global health, and rather delineate their multiple effects on knowing, intervening and caring. By bringing together scholars of social science interested in digitization and global health, this workshop focuses on continuities and transformations of global health through these emerging digital technologies. Broadly, we are interested in the transformative role of digital technologies on health and wellbeing, responsibilization, distribution of medical knowledge and care in three interrelated and geographically dispersed fields: (1) Engineering imaginaries of health and wellbeing; (2) Accessing new geographies of health; and (3) Datafication and the (Dis-)Embodiment of Health.