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Joint lecture series on “de/colonial practices in and across academia” hosted by the Institute of Anthropology and the Institute of African Studies starts from 25 April 2022

After decades of discussions about the need to decolonize academic and public spheres, questions of de/coloniality are still virulent in and across academia. Therefore, we want to take stock: What has been achieved by academics, politicians, artists and activists since independence, and what challenges remain for the next generations? What are the decisions and policies in everyday practice that perpetuate coloniality? Decolonial practices have to break up academic boundaries and hierarchies. Taking practice seriously, we propose various forms of presentations by a wide range of actors and concerning projects related to academia, museum, arts, politics and civil society. Most events will be held offline. Some will be arranged online. Information on this is found on the poster and access links etc. will be shared in advance of the respective online events via mailinglists and online announcements.