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We are pleased to draw your attention to a lecture by Prof. Kai Marchal, which he will give in the series Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies in the lecture hall of the Bibliotheca Albertina.

Lecture: On the Value of Selflessness - Reflections on Ernst Tugendhat's Model of a Contemporary Mysticism

July 12, 2022


Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies

The reception of Chinese thinkers such as Confucius, Zhuangzi, Seng Zhao or Zhu Xi has a very long history in the German-speaking world. In academic research, their teachings have often been interpreted from a historical, sociological, or religious studies perspective, and more rarely from an explicitly philosophical perspective. In an increasingly "global" world, the names of these thinkers have a new radiance; and yet, as great as the desire is today to open oneself to the other and culturally foreign, the Chinese texts elude easy appropriation.

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