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Porträt von Prof. Dr. Rose Marie Beck, Dekanesprecherin
Prof. Dr. Rose Marie Beck, Dekanesprecherin, Foto: Swen Reichhold

Grußwort Dekanin

We live in moving times, in an interesting world.

To see this world and its movements, to decipher, to name and to finally shape, that‘s the task of the University. The special diversity of our faculty enables us to explore our being in regional breadth, historical depth and according to all forms of cultural expression. We make this knowledge available.

Living diversity, which manifests itself in the appreciation of the disciplines and persons assembled at the faculty, is indispensable for our standards. Over the past two and a half years, I have been able to experience that it is fun to develop a common language and a common goal: to advance the faculty in research, teaching and transfer in a targeted manner and thus contribute to raising the profile of the University of Leipzig.

We set an example when we submitted an application to the Rectorate of the University of Leipzig on 7 July 2020 to rename the faculty. It will soon be called "Faculty of History, Art and Regional Sciences". In doing so, we are documenting a critical distance to the history of the subjects of our faculty (Ethnology, Religious Studies, Japanese Studies, Sinology, Indology, Central Asian Studies, African Studies, Arabic and Oriental Studies, Egyptology, Ancient Oriental Studies), which emerged during the colonial era and are historically closely linked to colonialism. Thus, we indicate that, in the context of the University of Leipzig, the above-mentioned subjects have developed dynamically into regional studies that contribute to research on globalisation by providing access to regionally specific stocks of knowledge. Finally, the decision supported by the entire faculty points to the consensus that the orientation of the humanities and social sciences at the University of Leipzig towards globalisation and its effects on the faculty.

Prof. Dr. Rose Marie Beck

Dean of the Faculty of History, Arts and Regional Studies