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Contributor’s Guidelines

All contributions go through an international peer-review process. Paper submissions are accepted in Swahili, English, French and German and should be formatted according to our guidelines. The journal has neither article processing nor article submission charges. The deadline for submissions to be considered for the following volume is 15th July.

Swahili Forum invites you to submit papers on all aspects of Swahili language, culture, society, politics, history, religion, philosophy and whatever can be labeled as Swahili Studies (which is neither a geographically nor an ethnic circumscribed area) as well as book reviews pertaining to these topics. Writers are also welcome to submit original works such as poems or short stories. As well, we invite our contributors to submit bibliographical information on Swahili topics.
Authors should bear in mind that Swahili Forum is an academic peer review journal with a readership commonly well-informed about Swahili Studies and thus ought to relate their writings to the relevant secondary literature.
Papers and reviews will be published in Swahili, English, French and German. All papers should be accompanied by an English (or additionally Swahili) abstract of not more than 250 words. Please also include a brief biographical note about the author.

The journal allows the authors to hold the copyright and the publishing rights without restrictions; it has no Creative-Commons-Licence.
Submitted papers can only be accepted for publication if they have neither been published nor are being considered for publication elsewhere. If your paper has been published in another language or form you must inform the editors. Please note that Swahili Forum does only publish one article per author and year. While having the right to make modifications, the editors will not make major amendments without the author’s consent.
Authors are not charged for their manuscripts' review and publication.
Authors are responsible for the reproduction of any material in which they do not hold copyright, obtain authorization and show proof of it. They also should include the specific acknowledgements in their manuscript.

Private information concerning the contributors entered in Swahili Forum site will be used only for the defined objectives of this journal and will not be made accessible for any other purpose or party.

Quality Management

The papers selected are intended to disseminate research findings and stimulate debate on specific topics or issues. Swahili Forum is today reinforcing its qualitative perspective and aims on various levels.

All our editors, former and current, have a strong academic background and knowledge on the contents published in Swahili Forum and are active in the field, although they reckon the cooperation with our peer-reviewers an essential prerequisite in ensuring the high quality of the journal.

Our peer-reviewing process is based on a double-blind review of the articles submitted by experts active in the field in order to improve the first drafts of the pre-selected papers. These reviewers provide feedback to the authors on the quality and standing of their work. This is an essential and rigorous process helping the authors to improve the quality of their papers and allowing the editors to proceed to the final reviewing stage and an assessment of their suitability for publication. The editors reserve the right for final acceptance (or rejection) of the submitted papers.

Since June 2012, the contents of Swahili Forum publications are included in EBSCO information products. All publications which appear in Swahili Forum respond to the quality standards requested and will be searchable through EBSCOhost, delivering a better service to researchers, scholars, instructors and students. Swahili Forum is also a member of DOAJ and can be widely found on all important data bases for open access journals.

Next to the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library) and the Library of the University of Leipzig, all articles of Swahili Forum are searchable in more than 300 full text and secondary research of Swahili Forum are searchable in more than 300 full text and secondary research databases.



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