The order of the entries, the basic translations, and the abbreviations of dialects and periods normally follow the Concise Dictionary of Akkadian (ed. by J. Black/A. George/N. Postgate, SANTAG 5, 2000, Harrasowitz: Wiesbaden). Instead of J, Y is used.


Under each heading three different sections may be distinguished:


1. Additions: Individual attestations of hitherto unknown or rare words including discussions or corrections of references collected in the already existing dictionaries AHw. and CAD.


2. Indices: Full indices of selected text volumes without discussions.


3. Secondary literature: Secondary literature on lexical matters, including the reviews of AHw and CAD, in part quoted verbatim.



Under „Text corpus“ the texts and the secondary literature we intend to include can be checked.

Under „Current Status of Work“ the texts and the secondary literature actually included can bec checked.

Abbreviations and bibliographical items can be checked under the pertinent sections.